What do you want your signage or design to do for you?


An effective sign clearly articulates a message. Combine the proper signage and information to ensure maximum impact.


Direct potential customers or event attendees to the proper place with navigational signage necessary for specific locations. Never get lost again with effective directional signage.

Establish Brand

Stand apart from your competition. Our marketing consultants will review your logo or sign to ensure your message is properly and effectively communicated.

Generate Leads

A sign is a silent salesman who never stops generating new leads. Let us create a sign that drives new business without you working more hours.

About Us

Signs & Design was founded by Noah White, CEO of White Properties in 2011. The vision of the company is to provide clients with effective signage that meets specific marketing goals for any businesses: branding, directional, educational, or lead generating. Every business is unique and we strive to provide a sign which sets you apart from your competition. The complementary needs analysis with a highly educated marketing consultant allows us to create a signage or design that ensures the sign is effective and impactful. We can’t wait to create a sign for you!

Our Clients

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Signage Advisors

Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols

Lead Graphic Designer

Eric joined the White Properties team in 2015. His expertise is efficiency in operations and streamlining. He is modernizing all computers for WP enterprises. A reputation for being a numbers man and a touch of perfectionism, he reviews and creates spreadsheets for WP enterprises. In his free time, Eric enjoys going to the gym, binge watching shows on Netflix (Breaking Bad is his favorite), and visiting as many local breweries/wineries as he can with his wife, Arrianna.

Katie Childress

Katie Childress

Sales Manager

Katie joined the team in 2015. She is a graduate from Lord Fairfax Community College with an Associates in Mass Communications and Shenandoah with a BA in Psychology. Katie’s favorite part of work is developing meaningful relationships and constantly brainstorming creative and edgy advertisements and marketing with the WP Marketing Team. Outside of work, Katie manages her time between exercising at Body Renew Fitness and vacations with friends.